Falling leaves

Winter has settled.I was relaxing with a cup of tea lying on my side table and planning what to do on weekend.My partner Raman was away on his tour .His boss was coming and he was not happy with his performance.He shared with me that sales are not coming as per expectation reason best known to him.
Raman was a nice person coming from an illustrious family.he has many good quality as well as several bad habits which i was getting accustomed slowly.we were introduced to each other by a common friend in my home town.just became acquainted to each other.

I used to live alone and spent time after my work to go to guest house and play cards or go to theatre to watch new movies and also sometime during weekend to Cricket field to play with youngsters and enjoy their company.I also used to keep eye on just married daughter of my land lady who returned after spending some time with her husband who went abroad for training for six months or may be one year.this girl was short,having shady eyes and big round bust and very talkative.her widow mother was not a good company and brother was a kid in school.so her past time was to sit in my room ,play with my music system and listen her favourite numbers of kishore ,Rafi,Mukeash and sing Asha bhosle hit numbers.she used to bring eatables for me too and I used to keep fruits and sweets for her.She was a great fan of me and used to lie on my bed for late hours and chat about her time spent with her Hubby etc etc.I had always weakness for young girls but not interested in married girl. I used to listen those numbers which she used to play in my philips tape reacorder. No option left by her. since she was wearing skirt and frock her naked legs and thighs were always visible to me.But i was disinterested and used to read my new novels og James Headley chase. I had a very rich collections of Chase and Agatha Christie.

She used to watch me lying on my bed ,in fact this room was her before marriage and after her send off to her Inlaw house ,young land lady put it in my custody  me as paying guest to support her only son education. so I was using her bed ,her cupboard and  even her dressing Table and wooden artistic Almirah except her clothes and undergarments kept in them were not removed.I used to keep my clothes in my trunk .Land lady used to wash my clothes earlier but now I had seen  madhu cleaning it instead of her Mother.She was a bindass girl but my inhibition held me always.She will either sleep on my bed or shift to her mothers room but always used to tell me it is her room so used to sleep on a old couch and I noticed in night she would cover me with Blanket or Quilt. Of late i felt she had fallen in love with me but i was unruffled and as cool as Ice.And it happened one night when I returned I noticed her mutated sound coming from under her quilt ,perhaps she was dreaming about her husband company. suddenly she shrieked and i had to rush to hold her ,what happened but she did not replied ,she was in deep sleep but kept my hand held in her hand,i had no option but to lie near her in the same bed but kept a safe distance with her and slept.almost after one hour she pulled me near to her inside the same large quilt and hold me tightly.

to be continued…

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