Travelogue of a sales Man

Returning  back from a week tour when John returned to his hotel in Kathmandu ,He straight went upstairs to his room ,Pushed his key on door but found it was open .Oh not again ,this Room Service is hopeless ,they leave rooms open after cleaning up.Though I did not have any valuables there but I always preferred neat and clean bed sheets and other things . This girl always forgets to close doors .I removed my shoes and socks and spread on my bed , I was dog tired as my flight was late by two hours and just closed my eyes to switch off my mind for few hours.

suddenly noticed that Sushy has left water running in Bathroom .I am going to screw this girl next time ,she is spending lot of water in this water scarce country. As I lifted myself from bed and moved to bathroom suddenly it flung open and a young lady in her birthday suit emerged keeping her face covered under Large Towel and Her white Tanned skin glowing and water droplets still on her body,nipples ,tummy and her genitalia showing water soaked. My eyes widened and my mouth stopped just screaming ..who the hell are you as she removed her towel and saw me and instantly shouted..Who the hell are you and what the hell doing in my room?

Before I could say anything and shift my eyes from her nude body to her face ,I was taken aback and replied ,what the hell are you doing in my room young lady?

she retorted-Its my Room

I said- Its mine since many years ,how come you are using my bathroom?

she told -Its mine and I am staying since last three days ,you barged in my room.

I showed her original key and told ..young lady its mine rented for months and not given on rent to any other customer since I pay my rent in advance ,see this is key of my personal cupboard and my clothes and other things are inside ,I flung them open and her mouth remained open when she saw male’s clothes ,my suit and tie etc lying inside,her mouth remained wide open ..almost ten fifteen minutes gone meanwhile and she was standing nude and me gazing her well crafted physique and watching her lower essentials.she just looked at me and realized she has thrown her towel back in bathroom and then turned around to see me . she blushed and tried to hide her breasts with one hand and other on her pubic region.

I said first you cover yourself and pulled bed sheet and threw on her .she covered herself and feeling ashamed . I asked to get dressed first ,i will call the owner of Hotel and will see to find another room for you and just went on terrace of my room. she immediately pulled a jeans and a top and put a blue sweater to cover herself.I called on reception and asked the receptionist to send Sharma upstairs immediately.

Sharma came running and then I fired on him,hey ,why you allowed this lady to stay in my room,are you putting my room on rent when I am away.

Sharma- No sir ,hotel was booked and she is a regular guest who comes twice in a year so I gave this room to use for three days but she missed her flight to Pokhara and will go next week .and right now no room is vacant so please let her stay here for few days , I said nothing doing ,I can’t stay with her ,you either find out a room for her tomorrow or for me ?

so I allowed her to stay in the night .

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